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companies scale.


We believe

that now is the time for the mass adoption of blockchain and the distribution of its benefits to the world.


Blockchain is at a key adoption point.

It now requires a different size of capital to do transformational growth. YGC takes blockchain companies that are ready for commercialization, and brings them to enterprise, industry, and consumers.

Today’s crypto funds are limited to trading, token picking, or indexing. They are not well positioned to seize later-stage growth opportunities.


In order for blockchain to gain institutional adoption, it requires a different type of capital deployment.

And it takes a different type of team. One that has experience actively growing companies in this industry.


With a history of success



Led by a luminary

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David Johnston

Managing director

David Johnston is a serial tech entrepreneur and early contributor to the blockchain ecosystem since 2012. In May of 2013 he co-founded the first angel investment group in crypto, BitAngels, and in August of that year served as a Foundation board member to the first ever token sale - Mastercoin. In December of 2013 he authored “The General Theory of Decentralized Applications,” which defined the "DApp" term for the industry. The following year, David co-founded the first crypto venture fund, the DApps Fund. Today he serves as Chairman of Factom, Board Member of Polymath, Board Member of Silicon Valley Blockchain Society, and Managing Director of Yeoman's Capital - the first family office to invest exclusively in early stage blockchain projects.



Supported by a team of growth experts


Henry Liu

Managing Partner

  • Growth Strategy at Facebook, where he led 100+ businesses to $450M+ in e-commerce sales

  • Fluent in English, Japanese, and Mandarin

  • Business & Finance, University of Massachusetts


Gavin Gillas

Managing Partner

  • Former media tech CEO with exit to RR Donnelly

  • Intellectual Property attorney, commercialization clients included Intel, NYU, MIT, Microsoft, and HP

  • BS, International Business; Juris Doctorate, Law


Mark Thorsen

Managing Partner

  • Led due diligence for the most active angel investment group in the US for 4 years

  • Co-founded 3 tech startups

  • Economics, University of California-San Diego



Respected by blockchain entrepreneurs


Jonathan Mohan

Founding Team of Ethereum, Co-Founder of Layer 2 Labs

“In the 6 years that I have been in blockchain, I have found very few people whose integrity, dependability, and alignment in the belief of the decentralized economy I trust more than David Johnston’s. What he has assembled in YGC exemplifies those attributes.”


Trevor Koverko

CEO of Polymath

“David and YGC are a special type of friend and advisor. They are a rare combination of technical smarts and business connections that are second to none. They are dedicated to their friends and portfolio companies, and are a 10/10 in every category.”


Vinny Lingham

CEO of Civic, Founder of Gyft

“David is a driving force in blockchain technology, with an uncanny ability to predict its direction and galvanize support for key projects that enable the industry to advance.”



Recognized by institutions


E. David Ellington

Former Chairman, $18+ Billion San Francisco
Retirement Board (SFERS)

“If anyone is positioned to drive enterprise adoption of blockchain, it’s the team at YGC. Their extensive knowledge base and personal relationships with the top players in this space is unparalleled.”


Matt Roszak

Managing Partner of Tally Capital,
Chairman of Chamber of Digital Commerce

“David has been a pioneer in building and investing in some of the most successful tokenized networks — his strategic compass for this industry is one to emulate and learn from.”



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