Why Enterprise Blockchain?


Blockchain is all about network effects. Every person you add to it makes the network more valuable. Where are the largest networks today? They’re among enterprises. Most enterprises are platforms of some sort, whether that’s e-commerce, retail, or farther up into the supply chain. They have the budgets to adopt, the technological expertise, and have already moved through multiple digital transformations. Blockchain is the next wave, and they can lead the way.



Our mission is to make blockchain work. We do this by developing applications that allow enterprises to use public blockchains without the need to manage tokens. These applications bridge enterprise needs with public blockchain capabilities, providing enterprises the scale, trust, and incentives of public blockchains while driving massive transaction volume back to them.

The Team


Gavin Gillas

Gavin is a former Intellectual Property attorney who has negotiated over 200 technology commercialization deals for clients including Microsoft, HP, Intel, Visa, IBM, Adobe, MIT, Samsung, Walmart, Viacom, PwC, and Honeywell.  

He also founded and sold an Intel Capital-backed software company to RR Donnelly in 2016. Gavin serves as Entrepreneur in Residence at the University of Texas business school, and mentors for Techstars, Galvanize, and DivInc. At YGC, he works with enterprise transformation leaders to aid their tech adoption of blockchain.


Henry Liu

Henry was part of a small team at Facebook managing direct-to-consumer, venture-backed, growth stage brands in North America. He advised founders and CMOs on growth, managed $150M in ad spend and converted over $450M to product sales. 

Henry started his career at Liberty Mutual Asset Management’s international fixed-income team managing $13B in global bonds. He is fluent in Japanese, Chinese, and English, and leads our growth efforts globally, particularly in Asia, which is the fastest growing market for blockchain.


Mark Thorsen

Prior to leading operations for YGC, Mark led due diligence on new startup investments for the Central Texas Angel Network (CTAN). During his four years there, he reviewed over 1,000 startup proposals, worked with over 200 accredited investors, helping CTAN become the most active single-chapter angel investment network in the country (2015 & 2016). 

Mark started his career on the trading desks of HSBC and State Street before moving into early-stage investing and emerging tech leadership.


David Johnston

David Johnston is a serial tech entrepreneur and early contributor to the blockchain ecosystem since 2012. In May of 2013 he co-founded the first angel investment group in crypto, BitAngels, and in August of that year served as a Foundation board member to the first ever token sale - Mastercoin. In December of 2013 he authored “The General Theory of Decentralized Applications,” which defined the "DApp" term for the industry.

The following year, David co-founded the first crypto venture fund, the DApps Fund. Today he serves as Chairman of Factom, Board Member of Polymath, Board Member of Silicon Valley Blockchain Society, and Managing Director of Yeoman's Capital - the first family office to invest exclusively in early stage blockchain projects.


Respected by Enterprise


Shashi Jain

Strategic Innovation, Intel Corp

“Gavin Gillas uses startup practices to increase the pace of innovation and leads teams to drive enterprise adoption. Understanding enterprises customers requires a specific skillset and perspective, and Gavin has a proven track record of growing companies that scale up.”


Faheem Siddiqi

Client Partnerships, Facebook

“During our time together at Facebook, Henry Liu’s team drove massive growth for his clients. Henry builds strong partnerships across industries and is quick to adapt to new markets and technologies. He led his team by diving deep into his partners' use cases by being data-driven, yet at the same time, founder friendly.”


Rick Timmins

VP Finance, Cisco & Motorola

“Mark Thorsen and his team at YGC have a proven track record of diligent, incremental work, well suited for enterprise traction in emerging technologies. Having seen 30 years of telecom innovation, I know that traction comes once the benefits are clear to business leaders. Having vetted hundreds of deals as part of the most active investor network in the US, YGC's team is built for finding these gems.”


Matthew Roszak

Co-Founder of Bloq, Chairman of Chamber of Digital Commerce

“David Johnston has been a pioneer in building and investing in some of the most successful tokenized networks — his strategic compass for this industry is one to emulate and learn from.”


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